My work aims to disrupt or complicate white patriarchal continuities by exploring how those lineages assert themselves aesthetically. Using material and formal strategies that demonstrate ways in which these structures have articulated and rearticulated themselves through notions of cultural legacy, I hope to create ruptures in the layers of cultural/political/historical sediment through which compulsory normativity is disseminated.

As a queer person whose relationship to gender and sexuality has been shaped, in part, by the ‘failure’ and ‘malfunctioning’ of my body, my work explores themes that bridge crip and queer theoretical discourses. I am interested in the intersection of learned systems of body and language and in exploring strategies that disrupt conceptions of normativity. As such, much of my research is drawn from personal experiences related to the interstitial space between body and identity. I am specifically focused on exploring complex and difficult facets of individuals that situate themselves between multiple identity distinctions. As it is crucial to theorize possible solutions to these ills, it is also important to locate them materially. It is at the points of intersection, between the private body and the social body, that we might open up space for dialogue.