While grappling with laborious actions of repetition and accumulation my work engages notions of mortality, cycle, and temporality through the poetic gesture. Curiosity is a beginning drive of my practice and deeply affects the production of my work. Through installation, performance, writing and sculpture I collaborate in moments of pause and contemplation. Materially this results in time-intensive rituals of collecting and sorting. Additionally, I am interested in the invitation that poetry–as a conceptual form–gives to the surreal, sublime, minimal, and uncanny.

As I am filled with questions: I continue to want to cover things in wax, find points of teeter, make leaf dust, recede into wall cocoons, hold gazes, write salt poems, and hammer stones.  I wonder if this is of coping, suave, or mourning. I wonder if this is of distracting, re-rooting, or centering. Always I wonder how and if I should offer this to you.

Originally from Upstate New York, I have lived the last ten years in Chicago where I obtained a BA in Conflict Transformation and Art. While pursuing an MFA in visual arts with a graduate minor in dance my research continues to live at the intersection of art, poetry, dance and critical theory.