Designers are problem solvers. The way we think, analyze, and create solutions is a rather unique experience. I brought this way of thinking into Catholicism to improve areas of personal growth for the laity, particularly measuring and visualizing spiritual growth. Spiritual formation for people looks different, but one sure sign of progress is the development of a relationship with Jesus Christ. How does someone become friends with another person? Primarily, both individuals spend time together, listen to the other, be willing to pick the other up, and be vulnerable. In the exact same way people can form a relationship with Jesus, but who are those that walk with them through their faith journey. I propose a prayer journal that can be taken with the laity anywhere, but ultimately to be incorporated in their prayer life. This prayer journal would be able to address various questions regarding the initial stages of a relationship with Jesus, gauging someone’s current relationship with Him, setting up reasonable goals, and pacing the process of building a relationship. My proposal is to increase the accessibility of these interactive visual tools for the laity and measure their growth.

Ana Rodas is a graphic designer and devout Catholic. Her current work blends the two identities together to create a unique and personalized experience of prayer for those seeking to know Jesus as their friend. She works to understand the different ways in which a person’s spiritual life can be measured and visualized to encourage commitment and growth.