I make sculptural collages by recording and collecting found objects that are inspired by my waking and dream life. My creative practice begins with the somatic (bodily) experience of traversing my surroundings. I am informed by the Situationist dérive, Rebecca Solnit’s Wanderlust, Jen Monson’s iLANDing, and a decade of pranayama and asana yoga practices. Moving one’s body through space allows for the senses to shift and feel the rhythm of a setting. This movement meditation transfers into the studio where I work with found objects, detritus and hand made paper. I regularly mix traditional and atypical building materials like drywall and handmade paper to convey a sense of haptic tension. I employ collage to illuminate the palimpsest of our lived experience, prompting the viewer to question: what is accidental, what is material history, where is a boundary?