Turtle Derby; You Can’t Go Home Again (detail)


Turtle Derby; You Can’t Go Home Again (detail)


Turtle Derby; You Can’t Go Home Again
Wax, chalk, soil from:
East of the bridge by Bird creek,
Dirt by barn,
Garden in the lower 40,
School dirt from bottom washout,
South of driveway off Elwood,
Route 5 and Scenic, NW corner,
Zoo lot,
Woods across the street,
Bottom pasture, north side,
Behind the Dollar Tree off of Elm,
71st street and Hagar Creek, south side,
Across from Prairieland Feed,
East of Downtown Airport between it and MO River,
Wyandotte County Lake, western shore,
Fox River Trail by Oswego Cemetery,
Holding pond in front of Lowe’s,
Behind the mailboxes at the bottom of the drive,
Empty lot where the old Luby’s used to be, south end,
Luckystone Drive north of the bridge,
Orchard Grass Blvd on the west side of the road before the T,
Love’s in Rolla, MO,
Woods behind the parking lot for the shooting range,
Gillam Park near the north ditch,
Top of the mountain bike trail, about 20 ft past the trail head sign,
Left of the pull off where the washing machine was dumped last summer,
Haybarn thicket,
The yard with the tire swing,
By the bluebird boxes on top of the bluff,
Ravine, SE side
Pasture by treeline,
Northern acreage near stock pond,
Baseball field on the train track side,
Creek at the back of the yard,
Landing field, unmowed part
In the bottom by the big pecan