Care•Stories: A digital story index working to demystify women’s health topics.Care•Stories aims to demystify women’s health topics while supporting and validating its users. Women can visit the Care•Stories website to read other women’s health stories and post their own narratives. Through Care•Stories, users gain insight into how other women’s health journeys have impacted their lives and relationships with their health and bodies. Reading other users’ stories allows women to reflect or gain insight into how their health could or has affected them. The Care•Stories site directly focuses on women’s reproductive health journeys, both physically and mentally. When entering the Care•Stories website, users may opt to go into the story index feature. Here, they are met with a selection of reproductive health topics, such as menstruation and pregnancy. I created these categories to help activate women’s recollections and enhance the likelihood of finding relatable and informative content in the index. In Care•Stories, I focus on reproductive health in its current state due to it being an area of women’s health that continues to be stigmatized. Therefore, my intervention focuses on reproductive health to help normalize it. After this broad reproductive health topic filter, an identity search bar filter assists women in selecting stories they will relate to in terms of their ethnicity, race, religion, age and sexuality.